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Lysebotn at the end of Lysefjord

Lysebotn sits at the end of Lysefjord - one of the pearls of Fjord Norway - and gets many visitors in the summer on the car ferry or tourist fast boats from Stavanger, plus some of those coming for the hike to Kjerag.
This is a town built on hydro-electricity - the sculpture below shows people putting up the water wheel of a hydro-turbine - and that is why most people are here.
For seven months of the year it is accessible only by boat.

Lysebotn and the car ferry arriving
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sculpture to hydro-electric power The road to Sirdal was finished in 1984 but is only open through the summer, starting some time in May.
There is a campsite here, and a guesthouse and farms in the outlying area. It is most alive from June to mid-August, with base jumpers from around the world coming here to jump off Nesatind and Kjerag.
Two of the main reasons to travel here - apart from to experience the road - are the walk to Kjerag and the ferry through Lysefjord , back towards Stavanger
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By car:
From the E39, take RV45 to Sinnes and Sirdal. Turn left in Sinnes towards Suleskard. Just before Suleskard , turn left onto the Lysebotn road with Lysebotn 25 km along, at the end of the road.

By boat:
Fast boats and also a car ferry from Stavanger

Distance from Stavanger: 150 km by road

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Kjerag and Lysefjord from Lysebotn
the 27 hairpin-bend road down into Lysebotn Travel time from Stavanger:
2.5 hours by car
2 or 4 hours by boat
Duration of the visit:
not long, unless you will camp here.

Kids verdict:
not very interesting
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