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Skiing near Stavanger Norway

There is not normally usable snow in Stavanger itself, but there are many downhill skiing resorts and cross-country ski areas within reach - some only about an hour away by car.
Sirdal - the main valley in the nearby county of Vest Agder, has thousands of visitors every winter weekend.
To the north are Sauda and Røldal - both 3 or 4 hours away by car, but with great fast boat services leaving from central Stavanger.
Most people going further afield drive to Hovden in Setesdal, Voss in Hordaland, or to Geilo or Hemsedal in Buskerud, further north, through Hardanger. Other options include Rauland and other resorts in Telemark (beyond Hovden)
Giljastølen, Stavtjørn and Bjørnestad are small skisenters closer to Stavanger, but with less snow-assurance.

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Getting here:

You can fly to Stavanger from many countries. You can also arrive by ferry - with a car if you want.
There are many hotels in the Stavanger area - not so many close to the ski resorts.


Sirdal in Vest Agder is less than 2 hours drive from Stavanger and the 2 main ski centres - Tjørhomfjellet and Ålsheia share a lift-pass system, with 10 lifts including an express chairlift, and 25 slopes. There are also the smaller skisenters of Fidjeland and Aadneram, plus many kilometers of cross-country ski trails.
Either drive yourself (E 39 - RV 45 through Hunnedalen) or take the ski-buss service - Stavanger - Sandnes - Tjørhomfjellet - Ålsheia - Fidjeland - Aadneram.
Rent a hytte (cottage) or stay in Stavanger


Sauda is east of Haugesund, north of Stavanger, 3 hours or so by car - but only 2+ hours by ski-boat and bus from central Stavanger (weekends and peak times like Easter). This centre has hyttes for rent, as well as some hotel accommodation.


Roldal is a hidden gem with great snow and a long season - but can also be quite exposed. About 4 hours drive from Stavanger - or 3 hours by ski-boat and bus as a long daytrip (weekends and peak times like Easter).
Some hyttes, and one hotel, plus hotels in Odda and further away into Hardanger.


Hovden is the main resort in Setesdal, in Aust Agder county. About 5 or 6 hours drive away. Several hotels and apartment centres.


Rauland is 6 hours by car (though it once took 2 days!). Several hotels, apartments and hyttes for rent.
There are other ski senters in Telemark further away.

Voss Geilo and Hemsedal

All of these resorts are a long drive through Hardanger and beyond - but worth it.
Voss resort is 5-6 hours away. A long-established resort beside the town.
Voss Fjellandsby - Myrkdalen is a new and growing skisenter 30 km north of Voss, about 6 hours drive
Geilo is a famous resort in Hallingdal, in Buskerud county. About 7 hours drive from Stavanger. It is also on the Bergen to Oslo railway line.
Hemsedal is a 8-9 hours drive - but is a fantastic resort with great skiing and a long season.

Small skisenters

Giljastølen is only 1 hour away, just off the RV 45, at a campsite. Stavtjørn is a little further away - again surrounded by hyttes and camping caravan sites. Bjørnestad is close to Sirdal on the RV 42 road from Egersund.
Gullingen is north-east of Stavanger, beyond Hjelmeland.
Most people drive to these places - either as a day-trip or staying in private hyttes.

Cross-country skiing

Less than an hour away are Brekko, Madland and Giljastølen, with Hunnadalen and Sirdal - including Furuåsen a little further.
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