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Hotels in Stavanger area

Hotels in Ryfylke

Stavangerske Ferry timetables (click on Ferjesamband, then the ferry you want):
  Hanasand - Ladstein (Finnøy),
  Judaberg - Eidssund (Ombo) or Hebsnes,
  Ombo - Nesvik or Hjelmeland,
  Sand - Ropeid.

Stavanger to Sauda and Roldal - Ryfylke tour

This tour takes you from Stavanger north through the islands of the Ryfylke to Sauda, and then over the mountain road to Røldal, part of the Ryfylkeveien.
Combine this tour with others to make up a longer holiday itinerary.

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tour map stavanger to Ryfylke to Sauda to Roldal
Stavanger harbour
1. Stavanger has many hotels , restaurants and attractions , before you set off north on the E39 and through the first undersea tunnel
Utstein Kloster monastery
2. Stop off at Utstein Kloster monastery or Fjøløy Fyr lighthouse before continuing on the E39 through another undersea tunnel to Rennesøy - take the Hanasand road for the Ferry to Finnøy. Get a ticket for Hanasand - Ladstein and Judaberg - Eidssund
boats of all sizes are the traffic of the Ryfylke
3. Arriving on Finnøy you are now in another world - of islands connected only by ferries and fast boats - people commuting by boat to work and school every day. Drive to Judaberg and take the ferry to Ombo, then drive and take the ferry for Nesvik ( RV13 north) towards Sand, where you take the ferry across to Ropeid. Alternatively take the ferry from Judaberg to Hebsnes and drive to Ropeid
Spa Hotell Velvaere in Hjelmeland
Hotel in Hjelmeland: the Spa Hotell Velvære is a great place to stop off for a couple of days or more - to relax, enjoy good food, views and spa treatments - and if you want vertigo views, Skomakarnibbå is close by and Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) is an hour or so south
Svandalsfossen near Sauda
4. From Ropeid drive towards Sauda on FV520 , looking down at Saudafjorden on your right. Stop at Svandalsfossen waterfall on the way.
Sauda Ferie tourist information office by the harbour
In the Sauda area are more waterfalls , museum , old zinc mines and many guided activities like hiking, canoeing and fishing. Contact the tourist information office by the harbour for more information.
In the winter there is a large - and growing - ski resort and several areas for cross-country skiing.
Sauda Fjord Hotel
Hotel in Sauda: the Sauda Fjord Hotel looks out over the fjord at Saudasjøen 3 km from Sauda, with the mountains climbing up behind the hotel towards the ski resort. This is popular for teambuilding, winter or summer visitors and summer tourists along the Ryfylkeveien (Ryfylke road)
the wild mountain road between Sauda and Roldal
Continue along FV 520 - the Ryfylkeveien road over the mountains towards Røldal. You will see great contrasts - lakes, waterfalls, narrow gorges, wild mountains and banks of snow even in summer (the road does not open until late May).
About 15 km along the road you pass the river walk and zinc mine visit - well worth stopping for, but arrange in advance.