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Hotels in Stavanger area
Hotels in Ryfylke

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  Hanasand - Ladstein (Finnøy),
  Judaberg - Eidssund (Ombo) or Hebsnes,
  Ombo - Nesvik or Hjelmeland,
  Sand - Ropeid.

Lysefjord car ferry :
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Stavanger Ryfylke Sauda Setesdal Sirdal round trip

This round trip takes you through some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery in Norway, starting and ending in Stavanger, with a minimum of 2 or 3 more overnight stops although you might want to spend 2 or more nights at each place for a 1 week holiday. It takes several roads (marked green) which are closed through the winter.
This is not about finding the quickest route, but showing you unique scenery, nature and lifestyles .

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Stavanger Ryfylke Setesdal Sirdal round trip
Stavanger harbour - vaagen
1. Stavanger has many hotels, restaurants and attractions, before you set off north on the E39 and through the first undersea tunnel
Utstein Kloster
2. Stop off at Utstein Kloster monastery or Fjøløy Fyr lighthouse before continuing on the E39 through another undersea tunnel to Rennesøy - take the Hanasand road for the Ferry to Finnøy. Get a ticket for Hanasand - Ladstein and Judaberg - Eidssund
the Ryfylke islands depend on ferries and fast boats
3. Arriving on Finnoy you are now in another world - of islands connected only by ferries and fast boats - people commuting by boat to work and school every day. In Judaberg take the ferry to Eidssund, then drive and take the ferry for Nesvik ( RV13 north) towards Sand, and the ferry across to Ropeid. Alternatively , take the ferry from Judaberg to Hebsnes and drive to Ropeid
Spa Hotell Velvaere
A. Hotel in Hjelmeland: Spa Hotell Velvære is a great place to stop off for a couple of days or more - to relax, enjoy good food, views and spa treatments - and if you want vertigo views, Skomakarnibbå is close by and Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) is an hour or so south
Svandalsfossen waterfall
4. From Ropeid drive towards Sauda on FV520 , stopping at Svandalsfossen waterfall. In the Sauda area are more waterfalls, museum, old zinc mines and many guided activities like hiking, canoeing and fishing. There are several hotels here, and it is a popular ski resort in the winter
Sauda Fjord Hotel
B. Hotel in Sauda: the Sauda Fjord Hotel looks out over the fjord at Saudasjøen 3 km from Sauda, with the mountains climbing up behind the hotel towards the ski resort. This is popular for teambuilding, winter or summer visitors and summer tourists along the Ryfylkeveien (Ryfylke road)
Sauda to Roldal road - like hiking, but in a car
5. Leave Sauda on the FV520 road over the mountains to Røldal. This road is closed until late May because of deep snow. Take your time and enjoy the wild scenery. You reach the E134 Haugesund to Oslo road close to Røldal skisenter. Turn right through Røldal towards Oslo
the road over Haukeli can be a challenge in winter
6. You now travel on the E 134 over Haukelifjell and through the many tunnels - refuges during the winter for traffic waiting for convoys to take them. This is the only road across for many miles. Coming down into the valley at Haukeligrend, you turn right again, up the hill on RV9 , over the top and into the top end of Setesdal.
hiking near Hovden in the summer
7. Hovden is one of the biggest ski resorts in southern Norway, and has plenty to interest summer visitors, with hiking, cycling and canoeing, for example. You can also take the chairlift to the top of Storenos mountain, or relax in the large indoor leisure swimming pool.
rounding up sheep on the Suleskar road
8. Leaving Hovden continue down Setesdal on highway 9 through Bykle and Valle then turn right onto the Suleskar road to Sirdal. This is another road that is closed through the winter, and the Sesilami ski race follows the same route. In early September there is great excitement when the sheep are gathered in.
the road between Sirdal and Lysefjord
9 . Arriving in Sirdal, you have many leisure options, and can either drive through Hunnedalen (below) or take the road to Lysebotn and Lysefjord. This is another dramatic mountain road that is closed for half the year. Near the end is the vertigo view at Øygårdstolen of the hairpin bends down to Lysebotn and the walk to Kjerag
the Lysefjord car ferry arriving in Lysebotn
10. Lysebotn is mainly a hydro-electric town, accessible only by boat in the winter. The Lysefjord car ferry runs only once a day (twice from 2008) so time it right and book ahead. This takes you right back to central Stavanger and passes below Pulpit Rock, also known as Preikestolen
Hunnedalen RV 45 between Sirdal and Stavanger
11. Alternatively, take the RV45 back to Sandnes and Stavanger passing through Hunnedalen - another difficult road in the winter, and impressive all through the year. Gloppedal terminal moraine is a short diversion on the way down
the three swords monument in Stavanger
Back to Stavanger - what are you ready for now: A stroll around Gamle Stavanger? a look around the shops? visit the Oil museum perhaps? the iron age farm at Ullandhaug then see the three swords at Hafrsfjord? or get your boots out for the very popular hike to Pulpit Rock - the choice is yours!